Competitive Intelligence


Competitive intelligence is essential for businesses to build a strong online profile. Because the vast majority of consumers start the customer journey with a search engine, SEO is not an optional digital marketing strategy, it’s central to your overall marketing efforts. 

Yet the competition on search engines is tough. If you’re not visible on the first page of Google, attracting customers through digital channels is limited. To beat the competition, you need to understand what strategies the competition are using – then use this data to create an even better strategy.  

By gathering insightful intelligence about your online competitors, you are in a better position to ensure your SEO strategy will enable you to perfect your marketing strategy, enhance your online visibility and achieve your business goals. 

Key marketing strategies can always be backed by reliable data about your competition and your customers. Using advanced analytical tools and years of SEO experience, I use my knowledge and expertise to provide a holistic view of the market. 

Competitive intelligence services deliver valuable insights about your competitor’s keyword strategy, assesses the effectiveness of their content strategy, identifies metrics that provide insights about their mobile performance, examines how intuitive and navigable their website is and more. 

With years of experience performing competitive intelligence and effective SEO for B2B, B2C and eCommerce companies, I provide valuable insights that enable you to raise your digital game and give your business a competitive advantage.


Analysing the on-page and off-page marketing strategy of your competitors provides you with insightful intelligence you can use to gain a competitive advantage. 


A unique selling proposition (USP) enables you to stand out in the market. Competitive intelligence identifies gaps in the market that fulfil the needs of your target audience.


When you know what your competitors are doing, you are in a strong position to develop a marketing strategy that delivers a better user experience than your rivals.


Competitive analysis identifies which keywords and content are driving traffic. With reliable data to hand, you can improve your content marketing strategy to attract high-value traffic. 


Competitive intelligence identifies the strengths and weaknesses of how your rivals brand their business. This data enables you to capitalise on customer perceptions and shape your brand profile.  


Digital markets constantly evolve. The dynamic nature of competitive intelligence allows you to identify opportunities in the market and avoid potential risks.


To drive relevant, high-value traffic to your website, you need a solid digital marketing strategy that helps your website rank higher in search engines. The best way to improve your online performance is to create a strategy built around reliable and comprehensive data.

Without insightful competitive intelligence, engineering an effective digital marketing strategy is impossible. Unless you understand your competition and your target audience, you will not improve your online profile or meet the demands of your customers. 

Competitive intelligence should be viewed as a crucial element when building a 2020 business strategy. Understanding competitor motivations and behaviours help shape product development, pricing, brand positioning and more.” ~ Forbes

Understanding the digital landscape before investing in digital markets will save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the long-term. Without competitor analysis, trying to craft a digital marketing campaign is akin to throwing darts in the dark – you have no clue whether your marketing efforts have hit their target. 

Before investing in a digital marketing strategy, you need to understand your target audience and where you can position yourself in the market to deliver the best value to customers and build a brand reputation.

Having specialised in SEO and data analysis since 2006, I have the knowledge, skills and tools to deliver in-depth analysis that is specifically

customised for your business. With a clearer vision of how to reach your audience and craft an effective content strategy, you increase your chances of improving conversion rate optimisation. 

 Whether you need to develop initiatives for your product development and marketing teams, improve your desktop SEO, mobile optimisation and content marketing strategy, I produce powerful data that enables your business to gain a competitive advantage and improve conversion rate optimisation


Digital marketing statistics reveal today’s consumers are more inclined to stay loyal to brands they trust. Building strong relationships requires your website and other online channels. Providing your clients with a smooth and stress-free user-experience is essential.

Consequently, competitor analysis heavily influences your content strategy, your marketing message and how to develop a brand identity consumers trust. To capture your market share, you have to understand the players in the market.

  • Consumers who trust a brand are more than twice as likely to stay loyal to a brand they trust, even in the face of disruption, such as a trendy or innovative competitor; 62 per cent versus 29 per cent. (Edelman)
  • 67% of customers say that a good reputation may get them to try a product, but they will stop buying it if they don’t come to trust the company behind the product. (Smart Insights)
  • Leverage customer insights to better understand who your customers are and what they want from the relationship, and use that knowledge to drive your program strategy, reward design, and personalization. (Oracle)

Competitive intelligence involves performing in-depth technical audits that form part of a larger framework for strategic planning. Using the latest software and advanced techniques for gathering reliable data, I help you to identify growth patterns, marketing objectives and customer segments your rivals are targeting.

With market insights to hand, you are in a better position to identify opportunities in the market whilst flagging up potential challenges and threats. This enables you to develop effective marketing strategies whilst mitigating the risks. In short, competitive intelligence provides you with a window into market trends and essentially fosters growth. 


Having performed international SEO for high-yield clients across competitive industries, I have an abundance of experience in delivering competitive intelligence designed to enhance your online visibility and customise your overall digital marketing deliverables.

With data-driven analysis, my holistic approach delivers insights that enable you to power your overall digital marketing efforts and develop a revenue-focused growth strategy. 

As an SEO Consultant, you can be assured I am 100% committed to helping you improve your online visibility and improve conversion rates. In order to deliver a bespoke solution, I take to sit with your team, learn about your business and understand your marketing goals. 

If required, and practical, I can attend your business premises to deliver SEO training to your digital marketing team. I also have multiple years of stakeholder management and produce reports that can be easily understood by stakeholders at all levels.

The success of my clients is important to me. It is my intention to develop long-term relationships focused on growing your business. Your success is my success so you can be assured I deliver results that maximise a return on your investment.


My holistic approach provides in-depth analysis of the digital marketplace and gives you a clear insight into your position in the market and how you can meet the demands of your target audience.


Technical audits deliver critical data that draws a profile of your competitors SEO activity including SEO keywords, content strategy, social media, mobile, brand strengths and weaknesses and link building efforts.


I perform in-depth technical audits and produce informative reports that enable you to define USPs and craft effective digital marketing campaigns that enable you to gain a foothold in the market.


Systematic business intelligence reveals the digital marketing strategies and SEO best practices of your competitors. These pivotal insights enable you to develop customised SEO strategies.


Having specialised in SEO strategy and data analysis since 2006, I have the knowledge, skillset and tools to deliver creative solutions that are customised to meet your business objectives. 


As a dedicated SEO Consultant, I have the agility, flexibility and motivation to deliver a personalised customer experience. With an easy-going nature, I am easy to work with and happy to work on-site if practical.

I always assess the best solutions and the most efficient strategies to reach the objectives agreed with the client


Project Stories


I had the pleasure to work with Franco for over 2 years. He has a very deep knowledge of SEO and all the areas of digital marketing. Being responsible for numerous brands he was extremely adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously and consistently exceeding KPIs. He is brilliant at communicating his technical knowledge to stakeholders at all levels. Franco is high meticulous. I enjoyed working with him.

Aidan Murray - Head Of Digital Marketing at Foreign Currency Direct and Infinity International

“I’ve worked with Franco on a couple of SEO projects now and always found him great to work with, knowledgeable and someone who is very easy to work with. He knows his stuff and also understands the longer term, strategic direction of SEO and what good SEO looks like.”

Paddy Moogan - Co founder at Aira Digital, Author of The Link Building Book and SEO pioneer

I collaborated with Franco on a project and I have found him extremely professional and hard working. He has an incredible knowledge of SEO and Search Marketing Intelligence to provide insights and create a strategy for a ROI. He is easy to work with and a good strategist. He is also very good at training and engaging team with very valuable workshops.

Monica Taglioni - Director at BPM Bank, Milan, Italy

I collaborated with Franco on a project to create urgent new content for a well-established travel services company, during a complex technology transformation. He was invaluable in implementing a targeted SEO strategy to get our new pages visible across different markets and languages, thereby helping to generate new leads and better ratings for the business at a critical time.

Louise Sheffield - Content Consultant, UK

Franco is a very results orientated SEO specialist who has an amazing knowledge. He successfully used his skills to help us achieve our challenging business growth targets. He is not only exceptionally good at what he does – he comes up with new ideas and always delivers over and above the brief. He builds great relationships with team members, managers and stakeholders.

Alison Wild - Head of Marketing at Towergate Insurance

Over the past years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Franco and appreciate his great professionalism and the wide experience of SEO. His deep technical competence, the brilliant financial acumen and the strong customer oriented approach make him an excellent partner to support the business growth.

Giancarlo Scuccimarra - South EU/Middle East & Africa Make Sub-Region Facility Director at Johnson & Johnson

I worked with Franco to improve the SEO strategy for my company’s website. Franco did excellent work throughout the whole process, first analyzing the market and the other competitors, then tailoring a strategy through the interpolation of different scenarios. I highly recommend his consultancy to improve your company’s market strategy performances.

Lorenzo Grifantini - Founder at Dos Architects, London

I have worked with Franco for a couple of years and he is more than capable of managing big SEO projects with the ability to communicate technical knowledge as well as the successful strategies to the stakeholders at all levels. He also built great relationships with the members of the teams, managers and the client. He is also more than capable of managing workshops to explain what a successful SEO strategy is about.

Mehmet Korukmez - Managing Director at Semicolon Digital

“Franco and I worked together on a large scale project for two years: his biggest strength is the ability to deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations while achieving KPI targets. Franco is a great communicator as he really understands how to get the best out of people being capable to communicate effectively at all business levels. I highly recommend Franco if you need to get the job done!.”

Mariangela Marchetti - Director at Comply Links, UK

Franco Lucchetti has a very deep knowledge of Digital Marketing and how to improve the visibility in organic search for increasing the B2C revenue, as well as improving the brand reputation online.

Attilio Iaboni - CEO at Momento Moda Est. 1989 London

Franco is more than capable of working with stakeholders at all levels of a business and has a fantastic ability to communicate the correct level of depth and technical knowledge depending on the audience. He is knowledgeable in both on-site and off-site SEO best practice and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithms and consistently exceeds his KPI’s.

Pete Bunn - Head of Performance at Barkyn

Franco has a very deep knowledge of SEO and how Search Engines work. I rarely came across anyone in Digital Marketing with his level of expertise. He has also great communication skills to manage successfully the stakeholders expectations at all levels. He is business growth oriented and commercially focused with a remarkable ability to reach KPIs.

Tony Pirozzi - Business and Marketing Director, Columbus Travel Insurance

Some Case Studies

In more than 15 years of experience managing the SEO projects for internationals companies and big brands, I have reached incredible achievements, improving their online presences and brand awareness in organic search in some of the most competitive niches. Here you can see some of the biggest project I have had the responsibility to manage along my career, working as a consultant or for the biggest agencies in the world